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Reindeer Kenshin

Since Santa hats are too mainstream

You’re going to regret this decision when you get frost bite on the your head.

Now why would an old man, more than 100 years old, to break into my house and give me that kind of pain on christmas?

Because he isn’t nice, he’s evil!

His evil deeds are to go out every year to every house possible (people without houses doesn’t get their share), and decide whatever or not the children has been “naughty” or “nice”.

The “nice” children are consistent of people who during the entire year followed their authorities and never questioned them, the are reward by toys and other things that only there to make them forget that christmas is about love and being with family.

The “naughty” children are those who questions the authorites and tries to make sense of it all. They are rewarded by either getting no presents (which count as torment), coal in their stocking, (which is a symbol for “no amount to your effort”) or to get medical condition called “Frostbite”. (which where he personally makes you suffer throughout the winter)!

You think he cares about you, or your effort or Jesus birthday?

He doesn’t!

I can even call him the ultimate threath to not just kids, but of mankind!

Before you call this nonsense, just think about.

  • How the does he know all the children in the world and their location?
  • How does he know that you been nice or naughty?
  • How does he creat the “perfect presents” over one year or night?
  • How did he get enchanted reindeers that can fly?
  • How can he and his “little helpers”, work on Arctic, a very cold place?

Yeah, think about it. How can he work and get information on a place where’s their no wi-fi, no electricity or any other way to get information of the outside world and STILL be able to know everything about the kids?

It’s because he’s not in Arctic. He doesn’t have enchanted reindeers. He doesn’t have “little helpers”. He doesn’t have or ever had good intentions of what he’s doing.

But he does live in another cold place, deep underground, where there creator that are enchanted and helpers, but not kind-to-human way, and his good inentions aren’t good to us.

If you don’t know who I am talking about.

The let me speel it out for ya.







And that’s the reason why I choose a reindeer hat, instead of the other

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